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SK Series

All SK series shower enclosures are the result of experience and extensive engineering. Easy quick installation has been at the top of our list of objectives. A clever fast-assembly rail system connects post and rail profiles with an internal clip.

These shower enclosures feature our latest aluminum profiles with concealed construction. All screws neatly hide inside the wall profiles and create a simply neat look.

Product Highlights

Quick-Release Roller

All SK series shower enclosures come with factory pre-installed quick-release rollers.

Concealed Mounting Points

The two profiles are fixed by a magic device at top of profile, smart and nice. Nothing disturbs the clean lines.

Fast Assemble Rails

Trouble-free installation thanks to our innovative fast assembly rail. Rail and post profiles are connected by a clip system.

Zinc Alloy Door Handles

All SK series shower enclosures feature elegant zinc alloy door handles. Easy to use and minimalist design.

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