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SL Series

Minimalist design, ease of use and easy cleaning are becoming increasingly popular. Duse's SL series walk-in shower enclosures embody all these attributes. Clear minimalistic design, attention to detail and cleverly hidden installation points make for simplistic yet sophisticated shower enclosures.

All SL series shower enclosures feature our latest aluminum profiles with concealed construction. All screws neatly hide inside the wall profiles and create a simply neat look. Optionally all glasses are available with EasyClean treatment.

Product Highlights

Stainless Steel Top Bar

All SL series shower enclosures features polished stainless steel top bars. Elegant, stable and extendible to T-shape bars.

Glass Connectors

Glasses and bars are reliably connected by polished stainless steel glass connectors.

Bar Inter-Connector

The SL series' stainless steel wall mount bars can be joined with this inter connectors made from polished stainless steel.

Single Bar Installation

When installing only one glass only one connection bar is required (SL171). This bar can be combined extended with an inter-connector when installing a second glass.

Double Bar Setup 1

The SL series' stainless steel wall mount bars can be joined with these inter-connectors to create a T-bar setup (SL172, SL174).

Double Bar Setup 2

In combination with a short splash protection glass the wall mount bar can be connected directly to the small glass (SL173).

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